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Originally Posted by kawishiwi View Post
My first season with my new boat has been spent fishing east of long island and i have found numerous 7 to 9 inch rock bass on virtually every shallow smallmouth friendly boulder group. They hit anything. Oddly enough weve been catching bass too with the larger being largemouth. Last Friday evening we had a spot with numerous rock bass, a pickerel, a few smallies 12-15 inch, a couple of largies that spit the hook with one being at least 3+ lbs. (Easily big enough to feed on 8" rockies). As we are just learning weve been fishing shallow and not deep yet.
I fish all over New England, but mostly the lakes region, and have never had a Largemouth or Smallmouth cough up a rock bass. I have had them cough up every other type of fish, mice, chipmunks, snakes, turtles, but never a rock bass.
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