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Default New Boater on Winni

Regarding docking at the Meredith Town Docks; people are in and out all the time, so a little patience and you'll get a spot. If you're a little timid regarding docking (which most infrequent boaters are), you can always try for a docking spot in front of Church Landing (between Meredith Marina and the Town Docks restaurant) of at the Lago dock. These are both "public docks" that are situated left and right of the main Meredith town docks respectively. There are typically not many boats circling these two docks vs. the many boats in and out of the main Meredith docks. You can also walk there from Meredith Marina (where I'm assuming your'e renting from). It's only an 8 minute walk.
Heading out of MEredith Bay, keep the red markers on your left and the black ones on your right. The opposite when coming into Meredith Bay.
If you're heading towards the Weirs area / Paugust Bay, there are two black markers fairly far out from shore; stay on the bay side of those (on your right heading out and your left heading back into the bay).
There are two bays on your left just past the lighthouse on Spindle Point that would be suitable for tubing throughout the day vs. being in Meredith Bay.

All important to have a chart and compass with you. The folks where you are renting ( again, assuming Meredith Marina) will also give you tons of advice. Ask for Sidney, Glen, Tracy or Linda.
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