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Originally Posted by Ken E View Post
"...My grandfather used to run it and i remember my mother telling me how she used to set bowling pins by hand..."
In the 60s, there was a "candlepin" bowling alley in Melvin Village. The setting of pins was electric and automatic, but every once in a while, a "mystery hand" would emerge—startling us—and set a pin upright.

Originally Posted by Pineedles View Post
"...From the description it sounds like it wasn't really a "casino" as we all envision today as a Foxwoods or Taj but a place people could have fun in those activities deemed "wicked", like bowling or dancing. I hope you can share some of the stories that you were told.
In one of Camp Wyanoke's wooden sailboats, my Dad would sail from Camp Wyanoke to the Casino in the late 30s. That adventure was a 16-mile round-trip by sail, and no motor.

The return trip was made late at night, but I am under family censure if I disclose the possibility of an absence of navigation lights!
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