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Default Blue Rhino

Just an observation I made this weekend & thought I would share...…….. not looking for a debate or rationale-- - simply "Buyer Beware"

Although not the most cost effective method, we have been using Blue Rhino refillable propane tanks for the past few seasons for the convenience they provide. Primarily because they are available at many locations, seven days a week, most anytime during the day/night.

This weekend I took note of the fact that within 2 miles of each other there was upward of a $7.00 price variation for tank exchanges!! To me, I find a $7.00 swing (48%) to be quite substantial for essentially a franchised product.

Walmart - $14.55

Mobil/Shaws - $20.21

Citgo/Airport - $21.55
(the above may be off by a few cents as I am going from memory)
A bad day on the Big Lake (although I've never had one) - Still beats a day at the office!!

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