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Normally we are on the same page... but I think this short term rental issue in residentially zoned neighborhood is a very slippery slope. I have no problem with the neighbors renting out their property once or twice a year to help offset costs....

But most of the people who list on AIRBNB & VRBO are renting their property out as business venture. This changes everything... now instead of people living in a residential neighborhood, they find themselves living next to what amounts to a motel...

There are ZERO protections in place for the neighbors. There is no punishment available for unruly/loud behavior, (yes the police can stop the actual offenders, but there is no punishment to the owners) There is NOTHING from stopping someone from renting their house out "by the hour". There are no regulations regarding taxation and collection... etc etc.

Maybe once the laws are changed to protect the neighborhood, then I will reconsider. But for now, short term rentals should be allowed only in the Commercial Resort District.

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