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I know that there are hundreds of single family homes around the lake that are sometimes rented out on a weekly basis. I have one next to my residence that I have rented out for 16 years. There are a few house rental agencies around the lake as well, some of whom represent over 100 rental homes. The agencies do collect the appropriate taxes on the rentals.

Many homeowners rent out of necessity to help them afford the house. What may have been affordable to their ancestors might have become more than they can afford. I would rather see them rent out their house than be forced off the lake. Also, if you start to limit the number of weekly rentals the price will rise because of supply and demand..

I am all for the rental process as it also enables families to come to the area, spend money, and enjoy all that it has to offer. That helps all of our businesses survive. Some families that have vacationed in the area for years go back to the same rental house every year. Many end up buying property.

I would rather see the towns enact a system that will enable some warning and an escalating fine system for violations of noise or other town regulations. The ultimate penalty could be an injunction preventing rentals on a specific property for a set amount of time.

Placing restrictions on properties that have no complaint history is unnecessary.
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