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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
I owned a small business also for 30 years. Your missing my point, the law should have never been changed, you are restricting my rights as a landowner. There were just are not enough complaints to justify the change, this came over one specific incident and the rest are now paying for it. Laconia is a vacation destination and now you are limiting visitors who rent homes on a weekly basis so the home will just sit empty when there could be renters that patron the businesses around the lake.
I don't think I am. While I agree with you emotionally on some level, the "right" you assert is based on less than solid ground. Had the planning department and city council enforced the zoning laws since the beginning of SD/LB, the "right" you reference would not exist. There is no right. Owners in a residential neighborhood do not expect nor want weekly rentals. There should be no difference for owners in Long Bay.
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