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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
I completely disagree on many levels. First of all I was a board member on a sub HOA in Long Beach for 10 years and without a doubt they overregulate you on many issues from small building issues to paint colors to nonsense about golf carts etc. etc. as far as renting goes, It’s my house and as long as my tenants abide by the rules of the HOA’s then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to have short term tenant. I don’t believe the boards have a right to tell me I can and cannot rent again as long as the tenants stay within the regulations and rules if they violate the rules fine there should be some type of penalty for the owner which I have no problem with

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If I live in a residential neighborhood, I would not want weekly rentals. That is why such rentals are zoned out of residential neighborhoods. Long Bay is a residential neighborhood. If you lived on Holman Street in Laconia, zoning laws would prohibit you from renting weekly. Long Bay should be no different. Obviously, there is no issue when tenants comply with the rules. Issues arise when tenants don't comply. Threats and fines are inadequate recourse for when issues arise, and unfortunately, the occur far too often.
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