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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I think waterfront is defined as your own private peace of land on the water.
If you share the waterfront with other people then it's deeded water rights. In that case you all share the taxes on the waterfront lot which is usually in the HOA payment.
Although some older associations have the taxes included on each individual lot for the waterfront lot. I was in an association like that many years ago in Sanbornton where there were 13 lots that shared a 1 acre waterfront lot and we were each assessed a share of the taxes of that waterfront lol on our own tax bills. Thus we had a very small HOA fee which we usually voted on in the spring depending on what work the waterfront lot needed.
The association I'm in now in Meredith is similar. There are only 4 homes that share the waterfront lot and we each are assessed a share of the taxes so we have no HOA fee. We all just share in the cost of dock installation and removal. Since I'm the newest and youngest member I try to take care of the waterfront lot and the docks which is very minimal. We all just get along real well.
I guess it's all in the appraised value in my case. 80% of us have some level of water view, which gets progressively worse as you go further back until its blocked completely a few hundred feet away.

Fees are flat for every unit, but when I look up appraised value I am ~ 150-200k above someone ~ 500 feet further back from the lake than I am. So I guess that's fair, I pay more for a nice view and a shorter walk to the water.
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