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Default Living next to strangers

Originally Posted by DUFF821 View Post
I don't live in Laconia, but what about the people that have to live next to these rentals? It's a terrible feeling living next to strangers every weekend. People are more concerned with paying taxes than they are for their neighbors safety and piece of mind. Would you want to live next to one of these rentals or is it a "not in my backyard" mentality. It's time for regulations on short-term rentals regardless of the zoning.
Guess you never lived in a City?

I know less than 50% of my neighbors. Lots of them are renters. Some of them I know "of" from afar and don't want to get to know them any closer. No matter where you live, you can have problem neighbors...Some could be owners and not renters. A bad weekly renter will be gone in a week. A bad home owner may be there forever.

Why are renters here getting this bad rap? They're all people and not all people behave the same. Is it the 9%?...Pay it.

Two years ago I had a neighbor, on the Lake, rent their place to some folks from Russia. They were GREAT! Loved their company better than the permanent owners. I have another permanent neighbor I would gladly trade for an unknow weekly.
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