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There seems to be a little confusion by some.

The city's new rule has nothing to do with the state meals and rental tax. This is strictly a state issue. You are expected to display your license # in all ads and collect the 9% and pay it to the state. The city does not enforce or get involved in this. The state does actively look at rental website and check and see if people do have a license.

The cities New rule is about zoning, and if short term rentals are a permitted use in the zone. Also the article does Not state a very important point. Short term rentals are allowed in the CR and SFR zones. So really this new rule is just to prevent short term rentals in the downtown area. It does not apply to most of the shore front and Weirs, since they are CR and SFR. So most vacation rentals are not effected.

If I were the city I would ask that the article point this out. I see this creating a lot of phone calls come spring from feuding neighborhoods who think they can report their neighbors.
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