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Default I'll bet the City of Laconia finds...

Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
First: I agree that this response to an isolated problem is overkill. Noise complaints and a police response would have been sufficient.

But, as to the question of who will enforce it? A few years ago I made repeated complaints to the Laconia Planning Department about repeated flagrant violations of the city's zoning laws. I submitted pictures that documented the violations. As a result of the complaints, the former Planning Director had letters sent to the violator with instructions to stop the violations. The violations continued.

I met with the former Planning Director demanding fines and court action. She informed me that they could not take any court action because they had not taken court action in the past with previous unrelated violators. Her contention was that they could be sued by the current violator because they had ignored previous violators. Huh? Does that mean you can never enforce the zoning regulations because you have never enforced the zoning regulations?

Subsequently, the City Manager told her to not have any further discussions with me and stop taking my calls and ignore my emails.

So, I guess that means you can do whatever you want because Laconia refuses to enforce it's zoning regulations
A way to collect the $275/day fine, however.

What an incredible story you've shared here.
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