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The run from Lees Mills through MB and past the Graveyard is probably some of the most challenging waters on the lake to navigate. A good GPS, a copy of the Bizer and common sense will get you through but you have to be careful and watch the hazards. Coming from pass through CH so I would just start there.

I know a lot of people discourage travel on the Broads in anything less than a 23 footer but I've done the entire lake in a 16 foot aluminum and now use my 19 footer and can assure that with common sense the entire lake is accessible. Once winds exceed 15 mph...I pick my destinations carefully and know I'm in for a rough ride.

Other than hazards, you will have rough water on the Broads and Moultonboro Bay. Also depending on wind conditions, the stretch from Trexlers all the way to CH can be rough. Then it will be rough coming into the Weirs area with boat traffic and all the way up to Meredith Bay.
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