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Originally Posted by ThePlut View Post
I haven't found "the house" with a slip yet, so those are all things I'll be thinking of.

The association itself is in Gilford, so open to the broads, so I would imagine wind and waves are a concern while trying to get on the mooring ball. I've never done that before so I don't really know how challenging that can be. The moorings look pretty well spaced out. My boat has a big swim platform where you can stand after finishing putting the covers on (trading in for a new Cobalt R5, 25'8"). So no issue with that part, although I ponder how one moves from the tender, whatever it is, from the boat and back without smacking things together, particularly on a windier or rougher day.

The question about ice damage and how the association "works" is all on my list of questions as I start looking at homes during this process (lots to learn still)

The day docks seem plenty deep to me, the water was so clear that it's hard to tell. I'd have to go back with an actual tape measure, but I doubt water depth is an issue.
As long as your mooring ball is well secured, your boat will ride out storms better than at a dock, unless you have a lift as well.
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