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Originally Posted by SAB1 View Post
That is same Flooring (Tranquility/Limber Liquidators) I put I put in the finished upstairs of my garage. I also used the foam underlayment. It was fine for the first 3 winters but last winter I had three planks pull away from the ends of the planks they butted up to. This is in a large room thats about 12'x24'. The smaller two rooms up there are 10X12 and those rooms have had no issue. No idea why it was fine the first few winters and then became a problem. I asked around before I installed it if it would do OK under seasonal use. Some said yes some said no. It was gamble and I knew it going in. Im going to watch it this winter and next.
Laminate flooring is plastic. Plastic doesn't react well to extreme temp changes. I personally would not use it if it was a seasonal cottage. Wood is much more forgiving during temp changes. JMO.
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