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Default I was a do-it-yourselfer...

for years. Now I pay a plumber $175 to do it all. After he has drained all the pipes, dishwasher, washer machine, he blows compressed air through everything.

In the past, when I did it, there would frequently (too frequently) be a few drops of water left over in some strategic place that, when it froze, broke something that would be discovered when opening in the spring. On opening day you'd discover you had no running water, no toilet, no dishwasher, etc. A repair expense that should be a factor in this decision.

One year, unrelated to water problems, the anti-freeze (not enough) in my heater pipes froze. In the spring, firing up the furnace was a disaster. Walls had to be opened to repair the seven breaks in the pipes. My furnace guy took responsibility and did the repairs for free, but repairing the walls was on me. That I could do myself.

Then, the reverse in the spring, the plumber turns everything back on BEFORE I arrive...Sweet!

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