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I have several family members that work for BAE Systems and they all have similar things to say about Walt. He was very well respected during his tenure there. That is not an endorsement, just a fact.

Far as Scott Brown goes since it seems this has discussion has gotten some what political.... if I were him I would wear as a badge of honor being kicked out of office representing MA. MA is a cesspool of political corruption.

Furthermore... as not only a resident of NH but also a native, I don't care if whoever is running for office is from Mars, what I care about is that they have the integrity to hold the office and will do what is right by the people and for the people. Not a puppet for a particular political agenda. These frivolous things used to smear a candidate no matter what their political leanings are is so childish. I want a real discussion about what is going on and what ideas all candidates bring to the table instead of sound bites of gaffs or tabloid worthy stupidity that has NOTHING to do with how these folks will govern. Sadly in today's world all anyone cares about is nonsensical crap peddled on social media which is how we end up with a government stacked with political hacks and idiots have have no idea what they are doing. We are living in very dangerous times, we so desperately need people with leadership, conviction, integrity, and bold ideas based on real world experience to deal with the problems we as a nation are facing.
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