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Originally Posted by jrc View Post
I did it with a few friends, it was a blast. You have to make reservations, don't expect to show up and zip that day.

It is pricey, around $75 for the whole trip. You do a short practice slide at the bottom of the hill, then go up the ski lift. At the top you do a medium run, then two long runs. The last run ends back at the bottom.

Obviously if you don't like heights, you should skip it, at spots you are above the tree-top. Consider the GOPRO rental, you might want to remember the trip. Your non-zipping friends can wait at the bottom of the hill in the parking lot and take your picture as you go by. There are a few GOPRO clips on youtube.

If it's cool day, it's colder at the top. We should have brought gloves.

I'm going to try and do another run this summer.

Very useful info. Thanks soooo much
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