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Default Dogs at Alton boat ramps ?

I found this post on this forum from several years ago. I have contacted the town, but in the meantime does anyone know if this is still the policy? :

Thank you for your interest in the Town of Alton park areas. We recognize
the importance of including our pets in our parks and are providing the
following references for your information.

“3.3 Animals- Animals are prohibited from being in the water within any
authorized swim area or being on swim docks. All persons shall be
responsible to clean-up after their dogs and remove any waste substance from
Town-Owned property.”

“The Town of Alton has instituted a regulation restricting dogs from the
town beaches and swim areas. This would include the sandy beach area and
swimming zone located along 28A; the swim dock grassy area from the boat
ramp to the community center and the actual swimming area.”

Dogs are welcome in Alton Bay across from the public restrooms, parallel to
the lake until the public boat ramp. Dogs are able to access the lake at
the public boat ramp. Dogs are also welcome at Jones Field Park and Liberty
Tree Park.

To answer your question:
A sign is not posted to prohibit dogs from swimming at the boat ramp. The
sign indicates dogs are not allowed in the swim area, defined by buoys, and
on the grass from the boat ramp to the Community Center. The boat ramp is
outside the swim area buoys and dogs are permitted to use it. :0)
Please let me know if you have other questions I'd be happy to help answer

Kellie Troendle, Parks and Recreation Director

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