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Thanks for the info.

This is my first season back on skis in many years so my frame of referrence is limited, but...judging by the prices I am seeing I can see why the slopes are empty.
I am trying desperately to take my family (of 5) on a modest ski vacation. Nothing fancy, 2 days midweek, non vacation week, willing to stay off site and it is still running me over $1000. When we were kids we would go to Loon or WVV for a week each year and stay on the mountain. For me to give my kids that experience it will cost me well over $2500 plus food etc. I cannot believe how expensive things have gotten.

We settled on 3 nights and 2 days of skiing at Gunstock, staying at the Summit Condos in Laconia. Took advantage of the Sunday family 4 pack and the Monday BOGO offer and it is still around $1000.

I have never skied Gunstock and would love to hear some thoughts on this mountain or any other ski deals for early March.

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