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Default Slow Your Reading So You Get It Right

Originally Posted by RailroadJoe View Post
If you can afford $850,000 a year in taxes, I don't believe that gives you any more right than one who pays $25,000 a year.

Power to the rich!
Collectively Bear Island Property Assessment x Meredith tax rate = $850,000 for all properties on Bear Island. Does not include, the Beaver Islands, Pine Island, 6 Mile or the part of Black Cat that is in Meredith. My taxes are just $5,000 of the total. Island people are not the rich that's why we are out there. Don't start throwing around that class envy BS I worked hard for everything I have. If you don't make enough in New Hampshire MOVE you have choice. Just as someone wrote earlier in the thread that I had a choice not to buy a property where you are taxed higher than the rest in town and get no services for it. Oh yes I remember the line on the closing statement where it said: "Taxes, just send money we will give you nothing in return".
This was originally started not to achieve a right over someone else but to get a small amount of consideration to the fact that so many non Meredith residents use the Docks at the north end of town. The town residents who depend on these docks are shut out many times from using something they PAY FOR.
The pole was flawed from the start, but one telling thing is that only one Meredith resident was against the proposal. The rest were from out of town.
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