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Default ... new money from the lake!

It's about time that Meredith started to go for the gold and start making those docks and boat ramps make some new money for the town.

How's about installing parking meters all along the docks for boat parking, and a money deposit box at all the boat ramps including the 48" opening in the fence at the Cattle Landing dock area, and everybody would have to pay, everybody; residents, non-residents, aliens from outer space, and even kayakers, and snowmobiles too!

Picture this; the Meredith Police could stake out the boats from 100 yards away with binoculars and swoop in on any boat dock or boat ramp scoflaws!

"Hey there Mr Boater......You have the right to remain silent! Anything that you say can and will be held against you! You have the right to hire an attorney! ...."


Geographically speaking, the Meredith town dock area on Rt 3 across from the Mills Falls Hotel is a long, long way, by water from any one of the Meredith islands in Lake Winnipesaukee....a long way....and the town docks see a lot of use by many different people; trailer-boaters, main-lander motor-boaters, islanders, car-top kayakers, pedestrians, people who stop to eat an ice cream cone and enjoy the terrific view along the 500-yard long waterfront walkway...all different demographic groups.

You know that the islanders already have free-to-their-use use of the Cattle Landing town dock & parking lot, Lovejoy Sands town dock and parking lot, Shep Browns dock lease, and Y-Landing Marine dock it just seems highly unlikely and indeed unreasonable for the Town of Meredith to seriously consider making space at the town docks on Route 3 exclusive use for islanders!

If anything, what the town docks boat launch ramp needs is a permanent, 365day/year $5 money deposit box; you wanna Abraham Lincoln througha the steel slot!
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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