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Default Parking is an issue but not for boats

We use the public lot at Brown's and I can't remember when we had a problem parking the boat. The police have been very good about occasional longer term parking when we needed to be away longer than three hours. We don't use the Cattle Landing due to previous vandalism but I've noticed on my way by that it can get pretty busy due to limited space.

I don't think I should have reserved parking at the Meredith docks. The businesses in town depend on that parking. I've had to turn away on several occasions due to no spaces available but I don't think I should receive special treatment. Every time we go over to the Lyons Den for dinner I worry about parking and sometimes we have to wait for a spot. It really ticks me off to see the island resident docks open with the 3 hour dock jammed. That could happen in Meredith.

Now, car parking is another thing. That's always an issue at the Brown's lot. We don't move the car on weekends because we can't count on a spot in the lower lot when we return and arriving is always a concern. And, I know there are people from Mark and Mink who use the Meredith lots because its closer than Glendale.

Seems the real issue is car parking, not boat parking.
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