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Originally Posted by Rattlesnake Guy View Post
I don't live in Meredith but live on an Island.

I can see the concept of reserving a small number for the tax payers with stickers. I would think they should keep the number low (based on usage results) so that they don't end up with the condition we experience with the many wasted/open handicap spots in Wolfeboro during a busy weekend.

While doing research for this post, I found an interesting stat on Bizer's page showing that the shoreline of the islands on Winni comprise 36% of the total shore. 100.5 miles for the Islands.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a list of the islands in Meredith to gauge the number of potential users. I was unsuccessful. But now RG has a new project for next week.
Bear, Pine, Dolly, Penny, Six Mile, Three Mile, Five Mile, Two Mile Pine, Welcome, Pine, The Beavers, Hen, Oak, Pitchwood Hawkes Nest, Stonedam and part of Black Cat. More than 200 but less than 500properties I would think. Three Mile has boats to transport people and requires only shortime parking. Stonedam has one house as do some others.

To SA: Would be fine with me if Only Sheps and Cattle were considered. That removes the commercial objection. I find most of the businesses in Meredith Proper tourist traps and without boat parking to far to travel to by boat
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