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Originally Posted by lawn psycho View Post
Being serious, my boss actually forces us to take some time off between projects. We work some crazy schedules and hours. Not uncommon for me to work a "night shift" when project is nearing completion.

Not many people would want my schedule but I like what I do (minus the travel).

EDIT: Just for fun I should show Don my ability to make it appear like I am jumping around the world every time I post via my IP address on my work PC
You even post to this forum while you are in another country? You are addicted to this forum aren't you?

BTW I never said that you didn't work some place or travel. I'm sure you do, I just can't comprehend why you spend so much of your valuable time sitting at a keyboard and buring your head in a screen. Don't you ever do anything with your family?

Sorry I'm getting so nosey......BUT......BUT.....well you know what I mean.
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