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Originally Posted by lawn psycho View Post
Rusty, my boss was one of the 5 individuals who joined in when we bought a barrel of whiskey from JD serveral year ago. I don't think he'd mind Sorry, try again.

Hint: I don't work a "9-5" schedule either because of how I work 1:1 with places that are not all on the same time zones (or continent) if you get my drift. In fact, no one in my group works 9-5.

Edit: Oh yeah, I use my work laptop for almost everything so you're reading to deeply into that post. I can be using my work PC and off the "clock" so to speak. Regardless, I know what my boss would think of someone like you.Carry on....
I know one thing; he wouldn't call be a Slaker!

Using your "work PC" and off the have an excuse for everything.
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