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Question Missing Family Farms?

Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
PS For those of you who notice post times, it's 2:30 AM. I'm trying this new sleeping thing where I sleep in 2 sessions, and it's been great. OT, but throwing it out there for anyone who might not be able to sleep through a whole night.
I've been doing the same for several years. The draw of a morning coffee gets me up at the computer for two mugs. My Doctor (Family Medicine) says I need REM sleep—which I'm getting only minimally.

Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Why would I be complaining about the town of Alton owning it? That would provide access for everybody. In fact, that's EXACTLY what would have fit into my worldview given my comment above about the best thing America ever did was create the national park system. That beautiful piece of property, like so many others, is (more than likely) lost forever. Given the way support for public lands, parks, and access has been going in the last couple decades--and, to me, that includes things like youth camps and other programs that provide opportunities for the non-rich--an extrapolation for my children and their children is bleak. That's my point. Much of my opinion is built upon the process I've faced when seeking opportunities for my children's youth groups, which is becoming exponentially more difficult given the shuttering, or rising costs, of access. I have no idea of the connection between de-sexualizing the breast--or, more accurately, the quarter-sized areola that frightens so many of you--and being disappointed in the loss of public lands. As for The Dive, I've, again, been more than consistent in my view: the business is fine, but staying at one location infringes upon the others who use or own in that location. I was always taught that "your freedom ends at my nose," but that's swiftly becoming a thing of the past (since you know so much of my past opinions--weird, by the way--you might see that I've railed against portable speakers on hiking trails as breaking Leave No Trace).
Do some of us need to be reminded that the land surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee was nearly treeless only a few decades earlier?

Wolfeboro's "Lakeview Inn" is a case in point. (As is "Lakeview Drive" for its full length).

A 2-minute video from a California Indoctrination Center would have us believe that everyone will be extinguished in 12 years—anyway:
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