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It doesn't show in the photo but there's one or two homes down the bottom of Simpson Ave, on the water there, that probably have a serious issue with The Dive?

So..... who do you call for a zoning, use, on-the-water issue of a blocked view by a floating restaurant that has never been in that spot before ..... where, for the last 119-years and longer, it was an open view?

Who you gonna call? This is a case for some attorney with deep ties to the Marine Patrol, Laconia Zoning, NH-DES ..... could be complicated ..... who has jurisdiction?

For these two waterfront owners, it's a 62' long x 25' high wall across their water view that was never there before, plus all the attracted boat-patron-customer activity. It sort of changes the lake water use there from recreational to commercial use?

Hellooooooo ........ get me Perry Mason, no-not him, some other local attorney here? ........ fast, please!
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