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Originally Posted by Boatbottom952 View Post
I believe in 2025 when President Trump takes back the office, you will see a extreme difference in the way Liberals have been running the show. Biden wants us to think this is the " New Normal ". It's not nor ever will be. In November things will start to change, it will be different. When you see this Great Country come back around will be 1 day after President Trump takes office in 2025. Hope I live that long. We can't continue to spiral out of control like this. Gas will be back down to an affordable $$ for average people.
Capitalism... not politics... creates the pricing.
President Trump shut of the Venezuelan oil and shifted us to Russia.
He also opened up the door for more shipment overseas of LNG.
He broke the Iran deal, that took Iranian oil out of the picture.

But in the end... it is simply that you use too much. Same thing happened in wood when he was sitting as President... just too much demand for the commodity.
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