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Originally Posted by LakeDad View Post
My problem is lack of house commitment.
I buy one, make careful upgrades that are likely to yield a return (or at least not a loss), find another home, and do it again.

My longest ownership ever was 4 years. Iíve owned 4 homes since 2014.

Itís always ďthe oneĒ until it isnít.

Because of that, it would make no sense to install solar under any circumstances, unless I was stone cold settled on staying for 20 years. Of course, as soon as I make that commitment, Iíll see another house the next day [emoji23]

Iím not complaining: Itís been financially favorable, but we always joke about never going too far with upgrades.
On average, houses will sell better with Solar.
Itís like any other investment in your home.

They ask for utility bills, right?
Buyer sees $0.00, you think theirs eyes would light up!

Itís hard to go wrong with Solar.
Folks here seem to try real hard to find reasons to give power companies their money.
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