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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
The resident solar guy himself said that leasing is not an awesome idea (#80), and I've had friends who got porked by roof issues that "weren't covered" and resale issues when putting their houses on the market. Add to that a much different ROI calculation, and blech.

I've done the math to have solar installed twice, with two different installers, and the money I would've had to frontóor take loans onówould have prohibited other things in my life. I think that's the simple reality for most people in America and that, frankly, you're out of touch.

It takes money to save money!

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I was skeptical about solar but it made sense for me. I ended up with no money down, a state and federal refund (I was able to spread the federal over two years), 10 years of SREC credits that provide a quarterly check, a below market rate loan, and net metering. The loan program I qualified for wrote off 25% of the cost of the install the day the system went live (but I could still deduct 100% of the cost on my taxes). Since having it installed my electric bill is nothing for 9 months of the year and the three months I do pay are lower than what they were before the panels. The monthly electric bill coupled with the SREC checks offsets the loan. I would have liked to make the system bigger as I had the space, but if I had, I would not have been eligible for the 25% write off and favorable loan rate.

I found out about this program (I am in MA) through a friend who is a green energy consultant. Once I connected with an installer who also knew about the program, things went smoothly.

I don't believe this specific program is still around, but do agree that there are affordable ways to go solar for many people (but of course not everyone).
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