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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
The resident solar guy himself said that leasing is not an awesome idea (#80), and I've had friends who got porked by roof issues that "weren't covered" and resale issues when putting their houses on the market. Add to that a much different ROI calculation, and blech.

I've done the math to have solar installed twice, with two different installers, and the money I would've had to front—or take loans on—would have prohibited other things in my life. I think that's the simple reality for most people in America and that, frankly, you're out of touch.

It takes money to save money!

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I have friends that leased and it worked out great for them

Your right about tricky selling your home with roof leased out. There are ways of dealing with that. Oh many companies will put in a new roof too.

All methods save money. Like anything, you need to stay on top of things and not sit back and let the “professionals” run the show. That goes for purchased or leased.

You can also do a loan. That’s right poor people have bad credit.
With a loan. You own it. You get tax break. You get all incentives like SRECs in MA.

With a loan. What you used to pay in electricity you pay towards the loan. So initially you save nothing. But as time goes on it pays back. Especially if electric rates go up.

Great, you talked yourself out of it. I don’t know anyone that is unhappy with going with Solar by any means.

Is anyone here unhappy they got Solar?
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