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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
There are two points I and others are making here:

1. That, on a thread about fuel costs, the answer isn't simply electric vehicles as there's much more to the equation than just fuel.

2. The "offhand" way people talk about buying EVs, solar, and other high-initial-cost systems that just isn't realistic for much/most of America.

I'd love a vehicle I don't have to put fuel in, but it would need to be overall cost effective, have a low initial buy-in, and be able to do what I need it to do beyond just driving.

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Keep in mind, that this forum isn’t average America

Many here have two homes (one on the lake).
Many have expensive boats.
Many have a home.
Many have multiple expensive cars.

So why do we keep bringing up folks that can’t afford Solar?

I think many are misinformed about Solar, incentives and EV’s.

And as you said there are other perks going with EV besides fuel.

One other thing I’d like to mention that is on topic.


Once I got Solar, I had them add a consumption meter as well.
That was a good move, albeit a bit over priced.

Once you could visually see what you produced and consumed it became a game.

What’s using all the power?

After digging around I found a lot of waste.
My high end active speakers were using 20 watts each on standby.

Do the math 9 speakers * 20 watts * 24 hrs * 365 days = 1.57 mega watts/year
That’s 20% of my entire Solar Production !!
I put a smart remote in that now powers them down when not used.

Also found a heater that runs 24/7 in my brand new “high efficiency” AC system.
It was like 80 watts. Now I flip the breaker off in Winter. I need to make sure I wait a few days after I turn breaker on before I run A/C.

That savings right there was enough to cover all my EV charging.

I found many more with diminishing returns. But I probably cut my electricity use in half.

Conservation on EV:

Don’t precondition. So many people think they save fuel because the car will run full regen in winter if they preheat the battery. It will cost more to heat the battery than regen will save.

Some say switch to scheduled charging in the morning. That wastes fuel too. Car will heat the battery before it charges. You are better off charging when you get home with a warm battery.

Don’t use auto precondition when navigating to supercharger. It will save time charging. But it will net cost you. I don’t care because supercharging is free. But it’s still a waste of fuel to save time.

Get an attached insulated garage. That’s yet another requirement for EV I’d recommend in snow country. Not required, but really really nice to have. Battery does not get as cold and you don’t need to use fuel to melt Ice and snow.

All cars:

Make sure your tire pressure is up. I tended to run a few pounds above door tag on my ICE cars. Especially in winter. I always did long drives at night so my tires never get that hot (and pressure to high). This can save a LOT on fuel. I don’t do that on EV’s. Why? because Elon already knows that trick and they run the tires on the high side. Tires still lasted great.

Keep your distance with cars in front of you so you can coast to slower your speed rather than use brakes. Every time you hit the brakes you’re wasting fuel. It’s also safer and more relaxing. One thing I don’t like about Auto Pilot is it follows to close.

You don’t need to warm up ICE, just suck it up, get in and go. Doable with a garage.
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