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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
John's point above was that the "math doesn't work for [him]," which I think is an essential point both personally and as a culture.

I've pointed out a few times that your financial assumptions aren't reality for the sizable majority of America.

Yes, Teslas/EVs have great tech, may be fun to drive, and may, if all things come together, be financially and ecologically efficient.

But for $96k, the price of your Tesla SUV, I could buy two 4Runners and 20+ years of service.

Or three Subarus and 30+ years of service...

It's no different than the guy who chose two rolls of toilet paper yesterday rather than the multi-pack that saves 25% and comes more easily packaged: to buy into solar or EVs usually requires money people don't have.

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I’ve repeatedly said you are not gonna save money driving a Model S or X.
But if these depreciations hold (which they probably won’t) I could end up spending as much as you did on 2 forerunners. Depreciation is about 2% over the last 2.5 years. Maybe a 4Runner is too.

Just as you can’t compare a civic to and say an Audi. You can’t compare a 4Runner to a Model X. I could make the same argument it’s dumb to buy a 4Runner when you can get a Subaru.

Someone on the Tesla Forum that lives in an RV park and owns a golf cart was trying to sort out charging. He does like 10 miles a week (mostly in his golf cart). No a Tesla is a complete loss. He will lose 10 miles a week with the car just sitting there.

We are in a thread about gas prices. If you don’t drive much, who cares. We should be discussing similar cars and the trade off of EV vs Gas. Not cheap cars vs expensive ones. Or your needs of driving a lot or a little. Not really interested in discussing that. But John likes to twist topics.

That said , you can’t compare a Tesla to anything else.

It’s a blazing hot day, we drive by this place that looks good to eat. But we have the dogs with us. No problem put it doggy mode.

I’m in the garage working on my app, or waiting for my wife at the hospital. Turn the car on and watch a movie. No fumes nothing. It’s so nice having a car that does not spew poisonous gases.

It’s late, I’m tired, I made a bad judgement call and I’m driving. The car swerves to avoid a pedestrian.

I could go on and on. It’s a one year waiting list to get a Model X. And it’s not due to parts shortages.

Stuck in traffic, turn on Biohazard mode.

People camp in them. By putting them in Camp mode.

Acceleration is the last reason I get Tesla an I leave in Chill mode 99% of the time.

What are the chances of a Roll over in 4Runner vs a Model X?
That alone is worth it to me and you can’t put a price on it.
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