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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
Last auto I drove 12 years... just under 78,000 miles. Combined efficiency was around 35 mpg on an annualized basis; purchased for $10,800.

Current auto... six and a half years old... just under 45,000 miles, combined efficiency is around 40 (got as low as 37 mpg this winter with defrosting, but will hit 44 mpg during the summer)... purchased for $11,800.

I don't think the math quite works for me.
And if you were, god forbid, T-boned by someone at 40mph

Which would you rather be in with your family.
Tesla Model X or Your 12 year old $11k car?

We all make our choices.

I don’t buy Tesla’s to just save gas, but that’s a nice perk.

One time the car swerved suddenly way away from the shoulder. Man in dark clothes walking in the road dark drizzle night no road lights. On coming car had just turned off my auto high beams. I never saw him until it would have been to late. The car saw him before I did and drove around him. My guess is my mirror would have hit him.
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