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The Nest cameras are great and very user friendly. However, don't forget that with a little computer experience (or a teen to help) you can set up your own recorder, retain months of footage for multiple cameras and access them remotely...with NO subscription charges.

Several years ago I bought an Amcrest NVR (Network Video Recorder) for $99 and put a 4 TB hard drive (not included) in it. I now have 4 cameras and the NVR saves several months of footage. With a few router adjustments I can access the NVR remotely and see all the cameras at the same time. I have a variety of cameras (Samsung/Hikvision/Amcrest/wifi and wired) and the NVR recognizes all of them without trouble. I installed a similar system at work with 8 cameras.

The NVR I bought is no longer available but here's a similar one for $79:

I'll admit that the Nest cameras are very simple to install and work great but there are subscription charges that can really add up over the years. An NVR setup needs IP cameras (not Nest or Blink) but they are cheap and very high quality. You can get what is needed for well under $100. You can also add cameras over time.

I know most comments on this thread are about the simple Nest or Blink cameras but the no-subscription/NVR method should be considered as well if you want to save money on subscriptions and have the experience or assistance to get it installed.
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