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Originally Posted by kawishiwi View Post
I don't have to go on it to dislike it. I dislike it from afar just fine thank you. Nothing on board is gonna change my mind.

I like food trucks. I don't want them parked in the middle of a state park.

The dive is just a waterborne food truck and it's parking in the middle of our state park of Winni.

It's astonishingly "fugly".

Tied up on the waterfront is just fine.

Spudded into a sandbar...not so much.
My daughter has a friend who is always “i don’t like this”, “i don’t like that”. When we ask “have you tried it?” She usually says “no”. Then how do you know? I didn’t like lobster until I was 21, then I tried it and found out what I was missing. Give the Dive a try. If you don’t like it then your view will carry some weight.

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