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Originally Posted by Woodsy View Post

Spent quite a bit of time on the Dive during Bike Week... I haven't been to the Dive at sandbar, so I cannot comment on their pricing. I can say that while docked I did not find their prices to be high. I think I paid $4.50 for a Bud Light can. I did have the Mediterranean Plate (Delicious!) and I think that was $11-$12 bucks or so.... all while watching the world go by on the lake!

Certainly they are no more expensive than the Naswa!

Last year the Dive pina colada was $14.00 a plastic cup and I have had much better pina colada's elsewhere. Town Dox has $14.00 signature drinks IN A BUCKET and they are much better drinks. The Town Docks also had similar size cocktails for $10.00. The NASWA had better drinks in the same size cup for $10.00. So do I think they are expensive? Yes, I'm all set thank you.

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