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Walking or driving down along the Weirs boardwalk in the vicinity of the Mount Washington cruise ship, The Dive there is basically invisible. It cannot be seen as it is docked behind the large Pier structure so it's best visibility is most definitely on the Weirs Cam?

And apparently, there's no incoming drive-up business with drive-up boaters or waders/swimmers/floaters boarding from the water there similar to the West Alton sand bar so how good a business location will it turn out to be?

Maybe boaters could drop anchor and float on into The Dive on a yellow foam noodle ..... the crocodile way to go ..... and here's an old crocodile joke .... ok ..... a crocodile walks into a bar and is about to order a drink ..... the bartender looks up ..... and quickly asks ..... 'so, why the long face today?' ....

Has it made any sand bar cruising trips, lately?
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