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...... FAKE NEWS! ..... that's from the outside look'n in ..... you need to consider the view from the inside look'n out .... which is a different scale ..... and a different view ..... for the last 119+ years has been an open view

Look'n out from shore, The Dive barge structure is very close and takes up a greater width of the view than when viewed from further out on the water and look'n at it. Is all about perspective and scale as viewed from up close or further away.

Any way you look at it …. is one big ugly, floating restaurant, size 24' x 62' x 30' that clutters up the view, shows up with no advance notice, makes no effort to talk with the neighbors, introduces sounds, smells, and people activity where there was none before into a recreation non-commercial use lake area ….. and looks to be there permanently for years and years and years.
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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