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Originally Posted by SAMIAM View Post
I can see the value of a business owner plugging their business to the forums many subscribers but wondering if that is within the rules.
I'd love to post specials and notices about my business but didn't think advertising was allowed.
I'd rather not see weekly specials announcements posted but since this is the "Restaurant Information..." section I don't mind at all if the owners post information occasionally about their businesses that our readers would be interested in. If your restaurant is doing something new or has a significant change certainly let us forum readers know. If you do it wisely you can both benefit your business and stay within the "no advertisement" rule. A good example of how that can be done is Baygo. If you follow his posts you know that he owns Tavern 27 and have learned quite a bit about the place. He recently posted a poll about his new distillery. That could be viewed as promotional but it's also the kind of fun and information this section is for. I assume many forum readers would like to know when the distillery is operational and I hope he tells us. If that sends some business his way that's great. I don't think he's ever posted anything I'd consider a blatant advertisement.

Another great way to help your business it to simply monitor the forum and answer questions. If somebody asks where you can get Prime Rib at the lake it is perfectly fine to reply and say "We've got the best Prime Rib around! Come on over!" and even slip in other information and your menu.

Having said all that I'll admit that the original post does kind of cross the line into an advertisement but I let it go because of the tremendous interest in the Dive and the desire for more information. Regular forum visitors know that the rules get bent quite often but if the Dive starts posting their weekend drink specials I may have to step in.
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