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Originally Posted by tmrealtors View Post
Here are some photos of my new view. I know everyone has their opinions but please imagine if this was your home you live in and how you would feel losing any portion of your view you have always had.
I was never notified as an abutter of this and although they say they leave all day to go to the sand bar...they have not moved in a week. I can't imagine them leaving 7 days a week even on windy, chilly days this Summer. My poor neighbors behind me now only see the dive when they look out their back porches.

***Hoping the owners consider all us neighbors and do the right thing***
That is a nasty view and I would immediately research a good knowledgeable marine law attorney to see if you have a valid case to go forward, and start making some noise.

One thing is for sure; it negatively affects your property values!

If enough of your neighbors are on board you may have a very good class action case.

A good place to start is the licensing authorities who give licenses for water worthiness, plus food and beverage licensing.

Without licenses they are out of business permanently (they can not and will not operate without a financial incentive).

Keep us posted......
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