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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Taz - I respectfully disagree with only one of your comments .. I see Patrician as an ideal location (somewhat closer than Braun) that area has vast sandbar area for the Spuds & draws a good sized crowd. Yes, it drops off quickly but again plenty of shoreline to find a spot provided they arrive before 10:00a.

The other unmentioned spot -- and it is where I think they will go often is to the Margate .. provided that they can fit under the bridge. Again, they would have to transport early so as to avoid the channel congestion.

All in all -- I like the idea of the Dive on the Lake -- I also can sympathize with the abutters view & their concerns -- yet, the Dive adds new character to the Lake, certainly is a talking piece when taking visitors on a ride, presents a unique place to take visitors periodically .. but I have to admit (yes I have been aboard a few times) not a place you would hang out at every weekend....unfortunately- seems everyone here has been trying to "sink" it from the onset.
Very well said. This is likely the crowd that the Dive is looking for.
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