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Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
Doing the types of things the dive will need to do to survive, Karoke, having late night loud music, and crowds... are going to be a problem for people close by to where ever they may set up.

In my belief in order to survive, the DIVE needs to be as mobile as possible, visiting different locations for the day ever weekend. I could deal with a party next door for a day, most people I believe can... Having the party next door every weekend does get a bit old.


The dive needs to find a location where they can conduct business everyday, no matter the weather. And once in a while venture out when conditions are right or they have a chartered engagement. This appears to be what they are attempting this year. How much they will venture out seems to be the real question... And it will be answered over the course of the summer.
I totally agree with you. Once in a while would be ok but every night would be tough. Who wants a loud party in their yard every night? I would think the noise and food smell wouldn't be an issue at the Weirs but where it is parked is an issue for the homeowners there. They almost have it figured out!!!
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