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Originally Posted by znh View Post
This place is just a rumor, it doesn't actually exist so no way for them to go there

Also, if this boat is just tied up to the Wiers what is really the point of going on it? Then it just becomes another restaurant with a nice view, but really the quality of the food IMO does not justify going on there if it is tied up to the pier, especially with so many other options all around it.

Now when it was at West Alton it was the only option so the food was great and it was certainly fun to jump on, grab a beer and some snacks with friends and family...
Totally agree with you on all points. I was saying the same thing to my spouse. "Its just another lakefront restaurant tied up." I have been on the Dive and the food is not as good as other restaurants, the drinks were ok but not for the price and I have had better drinks for cheaper at other lake front establishments. NASWA, Town Docks for instance have better food and better drinks at a cheaper price IMO. Plus you can boat to those establishments and tie up. I refuse to tie up at Weirs town docks as mentioned in many posts about Weirs town docks.
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