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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Taz - I respectfully disagree with only one of your comments ….. I see Patrician as an ideal location (somewhat closer than Braun) that area has vast sandbar area for the Spuds & draws a good sized crowd. Yes, it drops off quickly but again plenty of shoreline to find a spot provided they arrive before 10:00a.
Everything of course is all speculation. Who knows how it will unfold. At Patrician, you get mostly 1 line up of boats and then a few smaller ones get in behind that 1 line. I'm sure if you count up the boats there compared to Smalls, Braun and the Margate there is much more potential business at those locations than Patrician.

Margate is not unmentioned. I referred to it in an earlier post today and it has been mentioned in other Dive threads previously. I think the Margate is the best spot for the Dive especially now that they are docked at Weirs. Its large, a lot of boats and minimal impact to shore front properties. The challenge will be navigating the channel. Work barges I am told go early morning and late in the day. It would be very difficult for 2 way traffic when the Dive is in the channel.
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