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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
They are actually much closer to Braun Bay and can access other gathering spots like Timber Island and Patrician Shores

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Maybe closer to Braun, maybe wrong about that but its still probably a 2 hour ride given how slow it is. I don't see anyway they go to Timber. Its not a sand bar so you can not walk to it and they can not use spuds there, also not enough customers there. There would be much more business at Smalls and Braun. I think Patrician would be tough. Its not nearly as big as Smalls, Braun and if they don't get there early all the boats will box them out to get to shallow water to use spuds and walk to it. I would be very surprised if they go to Patrician.

I agree with your earlier comment. I think they may stay at the pier a lot more than people think or they say. Many customers and not the headaches of driving long distances and then running out of supplies so far away. They said them selves that was a challenge for them.
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