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I 'apologize' for disagreeing because I'm not one for confrontations, especially when it comes to cookies.

I think we can discuss facts and be friends - and I love a meaty discussion, even when we don't agree on points. It makes life interesting.

And I believe people are well-informed - as much as they want to be - when it comes to food choices - and take as much or as little action as they wish. I could site you many examples but I'm sure you can think of several yourself where people can get information - even if it's just a "Now With No-Trans Fats" sticker on a bag of Doritos or a "No Corn Syrup" label on a box of cereal.

The simple answer about the cookies: They're a tradition. Much like old holiday traditions that aren't good for you (drinking eggnog anyone?) or other not-so-good but oh-so-fun things - we do them...

And to me, maybe others, they're a sign of Spring coming....
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