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Default a boys first ticket

many many many years ago when I was about 14, my uncle borrowed a freinds 10ft boat with a 10 or so hp engine. we launched on the pemi at rt104 ramp. off we went with my uncle letting me drive for the first time. about 5 minutes up river a mp passed by, and waved nicely. seeing as how I was driveing my uncle and his freind were drinking beer. once by us we noticed he was coming back with blues. not knowing the law my uncles friend took his newly opened beer can and tried sinking it . well it stayed under long enough for the mp to arrive it then launched out of the water like the barrel on (JAWS). after explaining to my uncle that the boat needs to be registered, even in the river, which my uncle disputed , he explained that the driver would receive the ticket (my uncle tryed to take it), and if he would stop arguing with him he wouldnt give me a ticket for littering. He then politely explained that drinking on the boat was permitted, littering wasnt, and we could get a reg up the street. we were lucky enough to have live vests and a whistle. after wishing us a nice day he then said "by the way, please retreive your beer can".
so I had a ticket first time out
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