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3-cheers (sarcasm alert-) for the four Republican members of the Executive Council who all voted NO to not accept the $27-mil in federal vaccination funding for New Hampshire.

New Hampshire don't need no 27-million dollars from Uncle Sam for vaccination funding ......LIve Free and/or Die!

Gov Chris Sununu said: "The vote showed a reckless disregard for the lives we are losing while they turn away the tools our state needs to fight and win this battle against COVID," Sununu said .......yes, he did say this according to WMUR-tv video.

updated Oct 14 2021 from Oct 13:

Gov Sununu said he did not know of any other state that turned down vaccination funding, and it is likely the $27-mil will wind up going to a large state like New York or California.

From NHPR, Oct 13 2021 ...... ..... rejects $27-mil federal contracts covid vaccination efforts

Ok, so why did all four Republican executive councilors all say NO ...... ..... to accepting this $27-mil federal grant .... making N.H. the only state to say NO ..... ?

Will do a little research here and try to find some fantastic interesting quote comments from the individual councilors about the WHY they chose to say NO.
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!

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